My Journey with Higher Level Education and Making Friendships By Michael Hunter

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My Journey with Higher Level Education and Making Friendships By Michael Hunter

  • Michael Hunter
  • 11/05/2021
  • 2 minutes read

2nd year in Computer Science Infrastructure

Hello everyone, 

My name is Michael Hunter, and I am a second year studying Computer Science Infrastructure. I applied to TU Dublin through the DARE scheme – (Disability Access Route to Education). I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 15, just before sitting my Junior Cert. I kind of understood why I was diagnosed with Autism as growing up I always knew I was different. I never really was into sports; I was ahead in my class growing up, I was bullied from leaving New York to finishing secondary school. I had very few friends but the friends I had, I had for over ten years since moving to Ireland in 2005.   

When starting third level I know myself, it can be daunting as once again you are in a new environment, new routine, and you are primarily on your own. I only really made friends in my class around November. When the societies started to look for new members, I remember joining so many that they overlapped with one another, but I did not fully know what all of them would be like. Throughout the year I lost interest in some of them, but I stuck with the Games Society, eSports Society, Computer Science Society, and the Japanimation Society as you get the TU Dublin Crunchyroll account. 

Now in my second year of college, I am a Student Ambassador, and I am on the core team for the Developer Student Club for TU Dublin, and I am also on the Student Council.  

I know it can be very awkward now due to the way we are studying but interact with yourselves outside of class times. You might not realise it now, but you have things in common with your classmates, you all chose the same course or similar courses to start. You cannot physically meet up but as an example my friends and I virtually meet up weekly just to chat or we play 8 Ball Pool since we cannot use a real pool table or we will play ‘Among Us’ just so we can have some sort of social interaction.  


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