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College Life Student Union

Student Union

If you have concerns or issues that your personal tutor, administrator, or lecturers can’t help...

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College Life Student Societies

Student Societies

Not all your college experience should be focused on academic work. Third-level students are often...

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College Life Self-Advocacy


In college, there is almost always a service you can go to or a person...

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College Life Maintaining Friendships

Maintaining Friendships

    Consider disclosing your diagnosis If you are becoming especially close to a friend,...

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College Life Living with Family as an Adult

Living with Family as an Adult

Growing up, we become accustomed to our home life dynamic. As we make the transition...

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College Life How to Make your Campus Autism Friendly

How to Make your Campus Autism Friendly

  While more colleges are acknowledging the need to accommodate autistic students, levels of support...

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College Life Finding Accommodation

Finding Accommodation

Upon receiving your college offer, you should start thinking about accommodation immediately. Depending on your...

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College Life Connecting with your Flatmates

Connecting with your Flatmates

Between attending classes, attending society events or even just adjusting to college life, you will...

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College Life Accessing Supports in college

Accessing Supports in college

Securing the necessary academic and pastoral supports are critical tasks that should be high up...

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