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AsIAm Is Ireland’s National Autism Charity. We are working to create a society in which every autistic person is empowered to reach their own personal potential and fully participate in society.

About AsIAm

AsIAm Is Ireland’s National Autism Charity and we believe that by developing the capacity of the autism community and addressing the societal barriers to inclusion we can make Ireland the world’s most autism-friendly country.

What began, in 2014, as an online platform for the community to access information and share experiences has quickly grown into a movement for change for the autism community. Today, AsIAm is Ireland’s most influential autism charity with a team of 14 staff, half of whom are themselves autistic. For additional information and resources please visit our website at https://asiam.ie/

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The purpose of The Autistic Guide to Starting College website is to support students in their transition to higher education after post-primary school.

The website will answer the questions you may have about this transition, while at the same time it will provide you with useful information and tips to help make the journey more comfortable for autistic students.

In addition, you will find videos and articles from autistic students in college that will give you an insight into college life, the expectations and what the experience will feel like.

This website was made possible by funding from Rethink Ireland, we thank them for their support.

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