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Post Leaving Certificate Courses

  • AsIAm
  • 11/05/2021
  • 2 minutes read

What are PLC courses? 

If you have finished your secondary school education and would like to develop your vocational skills to get a job or go into further education, a PLC course may be exactly what you need. 

Why choose a PLC course? 

There is a wide range of PLC courses to choose from and are a great option to gain some skills in an area, or for someone who is deciding what sort of job or college course may suit them best. It is also a good option for someone to take a bit of time after their Leaving Certificate to think about what they may want to do. 

What does a PLC course involve? 

Post Leaving Certificates are normally a one- or two-year, module-based programme of study. 

  • They are flexible and developed based on the needs of the job market, which is why many courses can lead directly to specific jobs. 
  • Some courses include work placements as part of the programme. 
  • Compared to universities, the class size is often smaller. This means that the lectures and staff are often available to help students. This can really suit autistic students to have a personal element to their course. 
  • Often there isn’t a need for the student to leave home, as PLC courses are offered in about 200 schools and further education colleges around Ireland. 
  • Most PLC courses offer a QQI qualification. These are often a job requirement in places such as childcare and social care. 
  • PLC courses can also serve as a great alternative way to access a third level degree course. If a student did not receive enough points in their Leaving Certificate for a desired course, a PLC course can offer the route in instead. 
  • A PLC course is often a good way to try out a course if you aren’t ready to straight into college after school. 

What awards can you receive from a PLC Course? 

PLC courses offer many awards, such as FETAC Level 5, FETAC Level 6, and some City and Guilds qualifications. 

Find out more about the benefits of doing a PLC course from two AsIAm Ambassadors, Grainne Butler and Tristan Lennon here.


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